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Smart Clean - VEO


  • Automatic Flushing Mechanism Automatic flushing according to pressure differential and/or time with motorized mechanism
  • Self–Suction Cleaning Mechanism Cleaning of the filter is carried out by the suction smart scanner which rotates spirally across the screen
  • Unique Smart Scan Element Equipped with Smart–Scan element, Unique filtering element, to assure high performance and effective filtration
  • Standard Pure Polyester / Epoxy coating for Protecting from Corrosion Coated with more than 70 micron thick deep blue colored pure Polyester powder on outer surface & Epoxy coating from inner side for protection against corrosion and weather effects
  • Mild steel Construction.
  • Available in standard mesh of 100 micron size. (other mesh sizes available On demand).
  • Flow direction from inside of the element to outside (In to Out).
  • Maximum operating pressure 10 kg/cm²(142 psi).
  • Smart Scan filter can also be supplied in stainless steel body.
  • Large filtration area, reliable operating mechanism and simple construction make the filter the ideal solution for filtration of high – flow and poor quality water to very fine filtration degrees.
  • No interruption of downstream flow during flushing
  • Minimal volume of reject water allows excellent operation during flush mode.
  • Ideal solution for agriculture filtration systems.
  • Low pressure drop across the filter


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