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  • Equipped with EC & pH Electrodes Monitors Equipped with highly reliable EC & pH electrodes monitors
  • Electrically Operated Venturi for Dynamic Control of Nutrition’s and Acid A set of Venturi type fertilizer injectors with a flow rate from 160 lph to 1200 lph each, consisting of a flexible suction pipe per injector
  • Specially Designed Controller Equipped with advanced irrigation and fertigation controller
  • Additional Pressure Relief Valve Additional Pressure Relief Valve used to maintain precise suction rate of the fertilizer
  • Air Release Facility To remove air continuously from system special double action Air Release Valve provided
  • Adjustable Flow Meters To adjust injection rate special flow meters (Rota Meters) provided to each Venturies
  • Enables precise management of nutrition schedules
  • Ensure judicious use of fertilizer
  • Available in three models according to fertilizer injection rate, low flow (up to 160 lph), medium flow (upto 400 lph) and high flow (up to 1200 lph)
  • Expandable as per requirement, no need to replace entire manifold, just add on venturies for expansion.
  • Can fit easily on existing Drip system
  • User friendly fertilizer program adjustments
  • Intelligent control and safe operations
  • Reliable equipment at competitive price
  • High returns on Investment
  • Robust and strong aluminum frame
  • Bypass and inline options available


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