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Jain Solar Water Heater (Flat Plate Type)

With Jain Solar Water Heater

You will have hot water when you want it, have no recurring cost of electricity, years of trouble free use and the assurance of a great service backup from the Jain Group. In other words total peace of mind! Whats more, you will be helping the environment.

Our natural resources are finite and thats why the use of non-conventional methods of heating water has begun. These are inexpensive, safe, reliable and are easy to maintain. More importantly, they are eco-friendly and provide trouble free service for years together.

What is Jain Solar ?

It is an equipment to heat water using solar energy. It does not produce electricity but carries heat energy. Jain Solar is manufactured according to Indian standards to satisfy your hot water needs. It is ideal for domestic, commercial or industrial use. It comes to you from a 3000 crore turnover group committed to efficiency, quality & prompt after sales service.

Why Jain Solar ?

Benefits : Negligible maintenance, daily water heating expenses almost nil, conserves precious natural resources, exemption from octroi & excise duty, 80% depreciation for commercial use.

Features : Saves energy & environment, easy to install & maintain, no fear of shock / accidents, long life, mature technology.

Uses : Bungalows, Apartments, Guest Houses, Lodges, Hotels, Hospitals, Heath Clubs, Dairies, Process Industries and wherever & whenever you need hot water.

Models : Available in 2 models, Jain Sunrise and Jain Sunglow. Jain Sunrise is for non-pressurized application both in open & close loop type. The standard capacities available are 100, 125, 200, 250, 300, 375 & 500 LPD. Higher capacity systems can be designed & supplied as per specific as per specific customer requirement.

Jain Sunglow is for pressurized applications & when the water quality is poor.*

* Water testing recommended

Solar Collector

This is heart of the solar system. It consists of copper grid with selectively black chrome coated copper fins ultrasonically welded to the risers. Toughened solar glass, mineral wool insulation, steel sheet for back support & extruded aluminum casing with weather proof joints. These are manufactured with latest BIS standards using state-of-the-art technology to achieve highest efficiency.

Insulated Hot Water Tank

Steel hot water tank with outer cladding of painted & oven baked galvanised sheet, insulated with 40 mm thick PUF insulation. This ensures least overnight temperature drop. Special pressure vessel design for pressurized systems.

Mounting Racks

Generally, mounting racks are designed for flat roofs. Specially designed racks are supplied for sloping roofs or parapet installations. This rack is assembled at site using L-shaped pre-fabricated steel sections, zinc white plated for long life.

Assurance from the Company

Each Jain Solar carries a unique & solid assurance from the Company. It comes from a 3000 crore turnover Company committed to water conservation & environment protection. With over 490 crores of exports in extruded / moulded plastic & micro irrigation systems, galaxy of awards & recognition from TUV NORD for ISO 9001-2000 for all its divisions, the company is poised for a big leap. As a proud owner of Jain Solar Water Heater, welcome to the family of happy and satisfied customers!


The Jain Solar Water Heating Systems are backed up by a warranty of 5 years against manufacturing defects subject to the conditions stipulated therein.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)

How does the water get heated ?

It is a natural process by which, hot water produced in the collector, moves into the tank and is replaced by cold water from the tank. This cycle repeats till all the water is heated so long as solar radiation is available.

What is the maximum temperature achieved ?

Domestic systems are designed for 60C, However, in summer or during periods of less use, temperatures up to 85C are achieved.

What about cloudy/rainy season ?

Jain SWHS will provide hot water for about 300-325 days in a year. For cloudy / rainy days, an optional electric heater can be fitted to boost the water temperature to desired level.

How do we select the capacity ?

For Indian conditions, 25 to 30 liters per person per day is the average hot water use. Accordingly, 125 LPD system is suitable for a family of 4-5 members.

Any maintenance required ?

Use soft water & keep the glass always clean. Check for leakages & valve functioning periodically.

What if the water is hard ?

Select close loop system only. Periodically, clean the tank for any scale buildup.

How about soft loan scheme ?

Soft loan is available for 5 years repayment period upto 80% of project cost. Interest rate is 2% for individuals, 3% for non-profit making & 5% for profit making organizations.


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